You’ve already had the epiphany

Take a problem you’re facing in life.

Any problem from any domain.

I reckon you’ve already heard what you need to do to solve it. Heck, it’s probably something simple like put yourself out there, take more chances and work harder on it.

So many folks struggle to exercise. The answer couldn’t be simpler: exercise.

So many folks struggle to quit smoking. That’s even simpler, since not doing something is easier than doing something.

Making money, finding love, conquering the world – it all comes down to doing basic, obvious things, with determination and discipline.

So… why don’t we?

Why don’t we do all the things we know we should?

A key obstacle?


If you could eliminate your own internal resistance to good ideas, you’d become unstoppable. Every piece of wise advice you hear would only make you stronger.

Enter The Triple Crossroads.

Part of it includes nine hypnotic tools that absolutely shred resistance. Use these and you’ll stop flinching away from what you know you need to do.

Each is simple to use on your own.

And each has a troubleshooting section, covering the common things folks need to know to really use them.

These tools aren’t the end of your journey, either. In fact, they’re just the beginning.

Here’s where to find them:

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