Why zombies and angels are secretly unhappy

Why zombies and angels are secretly unhappy

There are three kinds of people in the world: zombies, angels and wizards. And only one group of them are happy.

I’m not talking about how often they smile. Plenty of zombies will chuck a grin while roasting brains on a barbecue. I’m talking about that deep, real happiness that makes you smile when you’re alone.

The truth is that zombies are miserable and so are angels. Fulfilled people fill the ranks of the wizards. Everyone else lives lives of quiet desperation.

Assuming the word “lives” applies here…

Zombies shuffle through their days feeling uninspired and underutilised. They stumble through their jobs and relationships because they don’t know how to step back and think. Zombies aren’t all bad – they’re relentless in following their goals.

It’s just they never chose those goals for themselves.

Angels float above the world and strive to do good. They have a broader perspective on things. Maybe they were realised to value service above all others. Maybe they had a transformative experience and sought to make the world better. Wherever they go, they ease suffering and really make a difference.

But like zombies, angels follow rules. Zombies act on instinct, while angels never stray from their divine mandate. Only one angel dared challenge the system and now he personifies all evil.

Wizards have true power and freedom. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want. This way, they can do more good than angels can. Their only limits are the laws of physics. I mean, the laws of magic.

I’m not saying they have no responsibilities. I’m saying they can fulfil their responsibilities without burdens or obstacles.

That much power over your problems brings true peace of mind.

Anyway, the good news is that you can move between the categories. You can trade your halo for a blue, pointy hat with stars on it like that. *Snaps fingers*

All it takes is a little courage.

Okay, maybe a lot of courage. You might need to be braver than at any time in your life.

Fortunately, you can learn this. You can train in this skill. And if you’re an Awakened Thought member, you have access to a program that’ll rip your fears apart and put them back together.

I’m quite proud of this one.

Change might never be easy but, with enough courage, at least it’s possible.

But you need to hurry. Because, speaking of change, it ages off at the end of October, to be replaced with a whole new training program.

So you’d better sign up and download it before then.

If not… who knows when you’ll get this chance next?


Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

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