Your Mind Inside: A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Meditation

By reading this book, you will learn:

• Foolproof approaches that are almost guaranteed to work – yes, even for you,

• How to use psychological torture to achieve deeper trances,

• Lessons from disproven religions that make meditating easy,

• The key to keeping the habit by mastering the easiest techniques,

• The lazy way to find happiness, health, productivity or anything else you want,

• Secrets for disconnecting from reality – for fun and profit,

• How to use that noisy, annoying inner dialogue to meditate even deeper,

• Rarely discussed dangers with meditation, and how to avoid them,

• To meditate anywhere with techniques for handling distractions,

• How to not freak out, panic or have an existential crisis when you approach enlightenment,

• What ancient mystics knew about neuroscience – and how this knowledge can help you,

• How successful people reprogram their brain to achieve anything they want,

• Why being delusional is fun, effective and efficient,

• How to learn anything from anyone – including fictional characters and dead people,

• Ways to dissolve your conscious mind – and why you want to,

• Techniques for destroying unwanted habits and emotions,

• Meditation techniques that are 20 times older than Jesus Christ,

• Why bullying yourself might be the thing you’ve been missing,

• How to find more purpose and meaning in life, without joining a cult.

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Find Your Life’s Purpose: A hypnotic guide to your perfect future

Find Your Life's Purpose - William T Batten

More than just good advice, [Find Your Life’s Purpose] delivers practical exercises based on solid principles I’ve used effectively in my work as a hypnotist.  They provide easy and direct ways to shift your thinking from problem-based to solution-based, and switch on the inner machinery that makes good things happen. – Caspian Collins, hypnotist

Neuroscience for Hypnotists


This is a highly recommended read to anybody either in the field or wanting to understand how the brain and body really work.  Having a great style or writing with a fun attitude makes this read fast and easy.  Would definitely recommend this to any digital library as a great education tool. – Jack Chang, L.Ac., C.Ht.

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