Waking Dream: A Manual

Remember all those parents and teachers who told you to “stop daydreaming!” as a kid?

Screw ‘em.

Right now, the best thing for you is to lose yourself in thought.

It’s the best way to explore your mind and learn new things about yourself.

Instead of exhausting self-censorship, it’s time to go with the flow.

Having said that…

Well, explorers don’t just amble off in any random direction. They prepare for the journey. They train. They gather supplies.

Otherwise, they find themselves lost.

It’s the same with your mind. Without the right training and preparation, daydreaming is nothing but wasted fantasies.

What if you could use that time for something better?

What if you could…

…. relax deeply…

… enhance your charisma…

… clear your emotional blockages…

… make better decisions…

… break bad habits…

…and even manage pain – all as easily as daydreaming?

That’s what Waking Dreaming is all about. This simple, guided process takes a little time to learn and a lifetime to enjoy. The true power of your mind is yours, waiting for you.

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Your Mind Inside: A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Meditation

By reading this book, you will learn:

• Foolproof approaches that are almost guaranteed to work – yes, even for you,

• How to use psychological torture to achieve deeper trances,

• Lessons from disproven religions that make meditating easy,

• The key to keeping the habit by mastering the easiest techniques,

• The lazy way to find happiness, health, productivity or anything else you want,

• Secrets for disconnecting from reality – for fun and profit,

• How to use that noisy, annoying inner dialogue to meditate even deeper,

• Rarely discussed dangers with meditation, and how to avoid them,

• To meditate anywhere with techniques for handling distractions,

• How to not freak out, panic or have an existential crisis when you approach enlightenment,

• What ancient mystics knew about neuroscience – and how this knowledge can help you,

• How successful people reprogram their brain to achieve anything they want,

• Why being delusional is fun, effective and efficient,

• How to learn anything from anyone – including fictional characters and dead people,

• Ways to dissolve your conscious mind – and why you want to,

• Techniques for destroying unwanted habits and emotions,

• Meditation techniques that are 20 times older than Jesus Christ,

• Why bullying yourself might be the thing you’ve been missing,

• How to find more purpose and meaning in life, without joining a cult.

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Mind Habits: 13 Easy Things that Make You Smart, Focused and Creative

Mind Habits: 13 Easy Things that Make You Smart, Focused and Creative

“Follow these habits and you’ll notice something strange. You’ll have moments where challenges seem easy and the familiar seems fresh. New abilities and sensations course through your brain. Me, I’d call this hypnosis. Really it’s just your mind growing more powerful. It’s looking for its new boundaries and it feels amazing.”

The mind you have today isn’t the mind you’ll have tomorrow. Whether it’s stronger or not is up to you.

There are things you could do to completely change your neural architecture:

You could become a monk and join a monastic order.

You could spend a fortune on therapy.

And there’s always the option of dangerous, mind-altering chemicals.


You can focus on things that quickly and easily enhance your mind. These simple habits engage the mind both consciously and unconsciously. They are easy to learn and don’t cost a thing.

Don’t underestimate them, though – a few minutes each day can enhance everything.

Whether you want to stand out, join in or get along, a sharper mind will get you there.

All you need is to learn and apply these habits, right now.

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Find Your Life’s Purpose: A hypnotic guide to your perfect future

Find Your Life's Purpose - William T Batten

More than just good advice, [Find Your Life’s Purpose] delivers practical exercises based on solid principles I’ve used effectively in my work as a hypnotist.  They provide easy and direct ways to shift your thinking from problem-based to solution-based, and switch on the inner machinery that makes good things happen. – Caspian Collins, hypnotist

Neuroscience for Hypnotists


This is a highly recommended read to anybody either in the field or wanting to understand how the brain and body really work.  Having a great style or writing with a fun attitude makes this read fast and easy.  Would definitely recommend this to any digital library as a great education tool. – Jack Chang, L.Ac., C.Ht.

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