Reboot your nervous system for more greater resilience

It’s no surprise that difficult times can lead to stress, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

When stress becomes chronic, it affects anything and everything.

Your mood and mental state.

Your physical well-being.

In these times, your all-important immune system.

It can trigger or aggravate all sorts of dormant conditions.

But, as with everything involving humans, the full story is much more complicated. Difficult times don’t guarantee any of that. And good times can lead to chronic stress in some folk too.

It’s not all down to genetics, your mindset or your diet – although those all play a role.

Stress, no matter how intense, only becomes a problem when you don’t have a break from it.

Folks can survive, often even thrive, during some awful experiences. Every successful person has a moment where they were under so much pressure, other folk would have crumbled. And you probably have examples from your own life.

Even just a few moments a day could be enough to make a difference.

But how do you escape the stress, even for a moment, when you’re up to your neck in it?

Your body and mind have built-in mechanisms for it. You’re not supposed to run hot all the time – and this is a brilliant way to cool off.

And thanks to the power of hypnosis, I can get you there – deeper, quicker and easier.

I don’t always like analogies calling your brain a computer, but there’s one I adore:

Sometimes it runs better after a reboot.

So book yourself in for a reboot, now streaming to you live in the safety of your home.

Here’s how you book yourself in:


Do you feel the need to stop and reset?

I don’t need to tell you how difficult things are. You know it all too well.

So with that in mind, let’s jump straight to the point:

How much easier would everything be if you could clear your mind and reset?

What if you could sleep deeply, no matter what’s weighing on your mind?

And what if you could get a full night’s worth of rest in around an hour?

I’m not saying this replaces the need to sleep – I haven’t figured out that one yet. But it does supplement it. Imagine a simple exercise you can do at home which roughly doubles how restful your nights are.

And the best part?

The more you need it, the more effective it is – kinda like a catnap.

If any of that sounds like what you need right now, then I invite you to check this out. My Neural Reset sessions work on your entire nervous system, one piece at a time, easing the tension as it goes.

Afterwards, you can enjoy that delightfully light, easy feeling you get after the perfect vacation. It’s the sort of thing you can’t experience too often, like an inspiring view or an amazing massage.

I find I need this at the best of times and the worst of times, just to keep my head straight.

So if you feel like you could use something like that, book yourself in. Thanks to the magic of webcams, I can come to you.

Here’s the link:


Proof that hypnosis doesn’t require your belief

An argument I hear over and over again:

“Hypnosis only works if you believe it works!”

It’s not true. If you actively resist hypnosis, sure, it can make it harder to enter a trance. But even that doesn’t make it impossible.

But I promised proof, so here it is.

Imagine a parallel universe where humans somehow evolved, but there’s no gravity. We float around, swimming through nebula out in space.

Now, let’s add two things to this picture.

An earth-like planet. (What’s holding it together? I dunno, magic. It doesn’t matter.)

And gravity that only works if you believe in it.

These humans spend their lives, then generations, flying around this curious planet, never being affected by its gravity. They’ve never seen gravity. There’s no reason to think it exists.

A billion years pass and no one ever feels the tiniest tug. Why would they ever think they were supposed to – that that was even possible?

Now, let me be generous in the hypothetical. Let’s say peyote exists. On a vision quest, one of the humans has an awakening and they see the truth of the universe. They realise gravity exists… and go tumbling down to the planet.

Other folk see the Tumbler. “What are you doing?” they ask. “Float up here and join us.”

“I can’t,” the Tumbler says, “some invisible force is pulling on me. It will pull on you too!”

“Um,” says the Tumbler’s friends, “then how come it… you know, isn’t?”

“You have to believe in it to pull you down,” says the Tumbler.

“Yeah, no. It’s much more likely that you’re crazy or there’s something wrong with you.”

The Tumbler’s friends think he’s a curiosity. Eventually he grows old and dies, history forgets about him and, a billion years later, no one is affected by gravity.

Let me some up that analogy with a simple question:

If you have to believe in hypnosis for it to work, then where on earth did it come from?

We humans believe plenty of things that don’t exist. But how lucky would we have to be to stumble blindly onto something that only exists when we believe in it?

Anyway, enough monkey business.

If you want to experience hypnosis right now at no cost – your belief being optional – then follow this link:


Pay me back by taking even more

As I keep mentioning this week, I have 48 hypnosis audios on my website for you to download.

No cost.

You don’t even need to give me your email address – simply go to the page and download them.

There is a (tiny, hard to find) PayPal donation button, if you’re feeling generous.

If you can’t spare it, though?

All I ask is you take even more of my hypnosis audios.

I put together the 8P System as a full product, taking you from where you are to where you want to be. It works on eight areas of your life. With disciplined listening, it can transform the way you handle everything.

And I offer the System to anyone who signs up to my email list.

So, want to pay me back but can’t afford to?

Simply sign up to my email list and – here’s the crucial part – listen to the 8P System. Apply it. Listen to each track until you’ve gotten all you can from it.

That’s all I ask for, if that’s all you can give me.


Apart from my genuine desire to help you…

You, walking around as a stronger, healthier, whole person is the best advertising for me.

Marketers are wrong – word of mouth is great, but we all know our friends lie. It’s when you see the results that you really listen to what they say.

Living better is the best advertising there is.

So be a beacon in the world.

Guide folk towards their best selves…

And let them come to me.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) wins.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to my free, no-opt-in hypnotic guided meditations:


The antidote to hypnosis (and 47 other things)

Let’s say someone uses hypnosis to mess with you.

Based on what I see in forums, this is weirdly common.

Folk decide they want to experience hypnosis. So, instead of patiently researching it, they find a random YouTube channel, listen, and find themselves messed up.

How can it mess you up?

Hollywood tells you the danger is being hypnotised to rob a bank or murder someone. That’s not what we tend to see, fortunately. But what we do see ain’t exactly a laugh and a half.

Imagine something that would be inappropriate to be aroused by… and getting turned on by it.

Or feeling anxious all time.

Or becoming addicted to a certain hypnotist.

Really, I won’t go into some of the horror stories. There’s enough nastiness in the world as it is. As bad as you can imagine, assume it’s around that.

Instead, I want to focus on solutions.

Here’s one: the Hypnotic Reset.

This hypnosis audio undoes the effects of other hypnosis. It’s the antidote to bad trance. And, unlike those cowboys looking to mess with you for their own amusement, I’m a professional. I have a business and a reputation to uphold – meaning I can’t be anything short of ethical and amazing.

I’m giving away that audio – plus 47 others – at no cost. If it helps you, one thing you could do is donate some money. But, hey, I know not everyone can spare it, especially now, which is why it’s optional.

Whether you’re looking to add something to your mind or take it away, here’s the link you need:


My semi-secret stash of free hypnosis downloads

If you trawl through my old archives, you’ll see a link popping up fairly often.

It’s not something I link to anymore.

Not even from the menu at the top of my site.

The page is still there, though. It’s not password protected or hidden from search engines. You’re just less likely to find it while casually browsing.


Well, because I have plans to do something with it one day.

In the meantime…?

Anyone who wants to follow the link, can.

And perhaps they should. On the other side of the link is a large library of hypnosis audios. I used to charge a subscription to access them – plus a ton of extra content.

It was excellent value, but I chose to do away with it – mostly to free up my time to focus on things like Monster Mind Edukaré. Now that’s done, maybe I’ll tinker with and reintroduce a subscription model – though it’ll look different to what I used to offer.

Anyway, that’s not relevant to you right now.

Here’s what is:

I have 48 hypnosis audios on my site, ready to be plucked from cyberspace.

They won’t cost you anything.

I won’t even ask for your email address to access it.

Simply head to this page and download them.

If you’re feeling generous (and you can spare it), there’s a PayPal donation button at the bottom. Otherwise, simply enjoy.

You can find this treasure-trove of content right here:


Why guided meditations are worse than useless

Some of you are using your time to get into guided meditations.

While that’s not the worse use of your time, I recommend against it.

Folk like guided meditations because it’s easier than meditating alone. Well, sure, much like how it’s easier to lift weights if you have someone there lifting with you. It’s “easier” but it makes it pointless.

You might struggle to meditate because your mind keeps wandering. If so, you might like guided meditations because they help keep you on track.

But correcting your own lapse of focus is where 90% of the benefits lie.

You can’t outsource that, just like you can’t outsource a good diet, exercise and waking up early.

Now, I know some of you will say you only got into meditation thanks to guided meditations. If you used them as training wheels and then discarded them, sure.

I’d point out that the magic was inside you all along. You didn’t need help to meditate – you just thought you did. If you needed the training wheels to get you rolling, then I’m glad it all worked out for you.

The problem is most folk ride their whole lives with the training wheels on.

Five minutes of focus, where all the onus is on you, is better mind training than 20 minutes of listening to someone else.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to enter altered states of consciousness by listening to someone else talk, then I have good news.

Because there’s an exception to the “guided meditations are worthless” rule.

And that’s when you listen to hypnotic guided meditations.

What’s the difference?

That simple little extra word changes what happens.

Instead of reminding you to focus, (in other words, doing your job for you,) hypnotic guided meditations use their words to… well, hypnotise you.

They put you in a deeper state of meditation – one that could take years of training to reach on your own.

Rather than being like training wheels, hypnotic guided meditations are like Sherpas. Technically you don’t need them to explore new depths of your own mind… but, with them, you can go so much further – quicker and easier than on your own.

I still recommend mixing it up and meditating under your own power.

But if you combine that with hypnotic guided meditation, you’ll find yourself going deeper into trance and getting more benefit from it.

All with less struggle on your part.

It’s the best way to learn to meditate.

Speaking of…

Once upon a time, I created a vast library of hypnotic guided meditations. I used to charge a hefty monthly fee to access it.


You can download it for no cost – not even your email address. There’s a discreet PayPal donation button at the bottom, if you can spare anything. Otherwise, simply download and enjoy.



Why hypnosis works even over Skype or Zoom

You might wonder if hypnosis works over a webcam. If you’re in one place, the hypnotist is in another and you’re joined by nothing but a pair of webcams, does hypnosis still work?

The answer is simple:


Hypnosis uses communication to put you in an altered state of consciousness. That means any form of interacting can create a hypnotic experience.

Yes, even text messaging.

This means hypnosis is most effective when it’s in person, for the same reason that communication is. There’s a lot of subtlety than can lose itself when you’re behind veils of technology.

A twitch of someone’s hand can tell you everything.

And, again like communication, there are some things you can only do when in the same room. You can’t be a literal shoulder to cry on over the internet.

But none of that really matters.

You can still have deep, enriching, meaningful and fulfilling interactions, with nothing more than an internet connection.

The magic is still there, even if a few specific things aren’t.

Right now, many folk either can’t or don’t want to leave their homes. It’s a stressful time for all of us. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s still in good health and drawing a pay check, there’s still a lot of pressure.

Jokes about this being an introvert’s paradise aside, few folk can live like this forever.

So maybe you’re looking to take this time to build yourself up.

Maybe you want to finally resolve an entrenched problem – to finally quit smoking, overcome anxiety or instil a stronger mindset.

Or maybe you want deeper connection to yourself and others.

Either way, you can have it if you act now.

I’m now offering hypnosis sessions purely online, meaning you can experience it from the comfort of your home. And it works just as well. 98% of my method (and 100% of the important parts of it) works whether we’re in the same room or not.

If you’d like to breathe easier through this and emerge stronger, let’s talk:


P.S. be sure to specify in the comments or the in-take form that you want to do the session over the internet.

A call to arm’s length

So you can’t go outside.

So you can’t do what you normally do.

Or if you do, you have to keep everyone at arm’s length.

Physically, for sure. And for some of you, metaphorically. It’s easy to close off when it seems like the world is closing off first.

You don’t have to, though.

You can (re)connect with other folk.

Or (re)connect with yourself.

You can train, grow and become someone new.

This could be your call to arms – the moment you break through whatever is holding you back. If you have time and money – which, I know, that doesn’t apply to all of you – then you can invest both in your own development.

You can overcome anxiety.

You can quit smoking (because what better time than now?)

Or, instead of looking for things to shed, how about finding something to build? High performance is a mental game, a matter of attitude and focus as much as skill and talent. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – coaching and hypnosis can help you do it better.

Of course, you probably know that already – that the right person can take you from where you are to where you need to be.

But, to read your cynical-but-justifiably-so thinking, that doesn’t mean that person is me.

That’s why I put my qualifications on my website, which I’ll link to in a sec.

I could point to the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent, learning from the best in the world, having travelled around the world four times in the last few years.

I could point to the hundreds of hours I’ve spent, working with real folk to solve real problems.

That just means I have the skills.

My favourite qualification on there?

A genuine, fanatical, intense desire to introduce you to your best self.

Because what good are skills without a strong urge to use them?

I want to work with you. Not for the money, not for fame, simply because this is the best use of my time and talents. I want you to succeed, to become stronger, because that’s always what the world needs more of.

Aren’t you ready to start making a bigger impact? Or, at least, living just that little bit freer?

All right, enough talk. It’s time for action – like, say, following this link:


P.S. I now offer sessions online. If you’d prefer (or you have to) remain indoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t still see me.

Are you thinking ahead to post-corona life?

Many of you focus on how to survive the next few months.

I’m not knocking it – this is a crazy time, so it pays to have a strategy.

Having said that…

Are you thinking about what comes next?

For when the world returns to more-or-less normal?

Because it will return. With every crisis, folk said it would change everything forever. But let’s not exaggerate it. 9/11 changed the world… and even so, things mostly returned to normal. Same again with 2008 and (for some Americans) Trump’s election and a dozen other catastrophes.

The ‘new normal’ is always closer to the old normal than it might seem.

This pandemic is no different. It will break because pandemics always do. The first-hit countries are already bouncing back – the rest of us have to wait it out. I doubt the coronavirus will ever disappear, but it won’t dominate forever. It can’t.

I’m sure the smart entrepreneurs and executives are thinking ahead to when crowds become a thing again.

How about you?

When I say things will return to normal, I’m talking on average. For some folk, this experience will break them. They’ll get used to isolation and keep up that habit, long into the future.

Why go out to restaurants, when junk food can arrive at your door?

What’s the point of playing board games, after a few months of bingeing on video games?

Who cares about cinemas when the internet is right here?

Some folk will spend the rest of their lives exercising less, getting less fresh air and sun, and refusing physical contact at all costs.

The rest of you?

You’re thinking of all the things you took for granted – even something as small as going to a restaurant with friends.

You’re going to travel more and explore more.

Social distancing can’t end soon enough, and when it does you’re going to shake every hand. Maybe even hug more. Why not?

You’re going to get out into nature, exercise more, have healthier hobbies and embrace every moment.

Maybe you’ll even quit that job you hate (because look what getting locked in a box with recycled air got you?) or at least use this to work more flexibly.

I’m lucky enough to have money coming in still, so I’m saving money for some training and travel. You better believe I’m watching the number of active cases in each country, looking forward to the day we’re all free again.

That day will come slower if you languish.

If you atrophy on the couch.

If you invest in yourself, though?

In your mind, your body, your emotions and your finances?

You’ll be out the door and in the sunshine while everyone else is rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

Want to get started?

Simply follow this link, find a timeslot and sign up for a (virtual) session, because you’re free enough now to become even freer later:


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