The easy and hard way to steal inner peace

There’s an old joke, assuming this is even funny, that goes like this –

A: I wish I had your attitude towards that.

B: You can have it.

A: Wait… really?

B: Sure. You having it won’t stop me using it.

Hilarious, right?

Okay okay, let’s move on…

The reason I bring this up is it’s a great form of mind training. If someone has an attitude, aptitude or trait you want, steal it. It’s okay – it doesn’t stop them from using it.

Not sure how to steal something as intangible as habits and personality?

Luckily for you, Monster Mind Edukaré has at least two ways of doing this.

The easy way is through module 9 – Mastery & Meditation. It’s a collection of meditation techniques I pilfered under the cover of darkness and loaded into a windowless van, which I now sell in seedy alleyways. These are what top performers in all sorts of fields use to focus their minds and calm their emotions, and now they’re yours.

These are simple drills, vetted by the best at what they do.

That’s the easy way.

Then there’s the hard way.

Module 18 – the Hall of Heroes, which is buried way at the back.

This is because you need the skills from the rest of the program to handle it. It builds on everything else. Skip ahead at your peril.

This is much more powerful.

It’s like reaching into another person’s mind and taking what you want.

Even if you’ve never met them.

Heck, I’ve done it with fictional characters. It works just as well.

And the victims of your insidious mind crime never care, complain or even notice…

Anyway, enough planning. Time for action.

Everything you need is right here:


Sun Tzu’s The Art of Hypnosis

Want a free hypnosis lesson?

You got it…

Simply read, absorb and apply the core lesson from The Art of War:

Know yourself and know the other, and you can’t lose.

That’s all it takes to hypnotise someone.

No, really. You’ve probably met folk who are completely comfortable in their own skin. Talking with them is amazing. Their sense of inner peace, confidence and self-worth are contagious.

And if they know what makes you tick?

Forget about it. You’ll be in a trance in no time.

“But William,” some of you say, “that can’t be right. That’s not hypnosis!”

Au contraire, pendo.

Hypnosis isn’t all swinging watches, “look into my eyes”, close your eyes and cluck like a chicken.

Trances are often more subtle. After all, you’re in and out of them all day. Even folk who don’t “believe” in hypnosis or are “too strong” to be hypnotised are in a trance half the time.

I could talk more about this.

But words are just words.

It’s much better to experience hypnosis for yourself.

And even better than that?

Become the sort of person who’s comfortable in your own skin. The sort who automatically trances folk out just by walking by.

And there are several ways to do that in Monster Mind Edukaré.

Of course there are – with 19 modules, some of which courses in their own right, there are several ways to do just about anything.

Divide and conquer your way to its sales page:


How hypnosis works

A lot of folk want to know how hypnosis works. I’m one of them. I use hypnosis (on myself and others) every day. My skills are at an advanced level. I’ve thousands of different hypnotic experiences and have created trances in the strangest ways.

Even so…

This isn’t some glaring gap in my education. I don’t know how it works because no one does.

Science doesn’t know how hypnosis works. It knows that it does and some of what it can do. But how? We have some clues, guesses and not much else.

It’s a great counterpoint to anyone who calls scientists arrogant. Plenty of slackminded and silver tongued fortune tellers will say, when challenged on the validity of their craft:

“Science doesn’t know everything!”

Science doesn’t know anything. It’s not a store of knowledge; it’s a way of testing reality. Tarot cards come up lacking. Hypnosis kicks the snot out of placebos.

We can measure hypnosis without knowing what it is. Before Einstein, before even Newton, people could measure gravity without having the foggiest idea of what it was. Tell a medieval scholar that the same force that makes things fall down is what makes planets move across the sky, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

Even so, they could measure how fast something falls.

They could see it’s the same, roughly, not matter where you are in the world.

And if they somehow invented spaceships, they could measure it getting weaker as they left the Earth.

It’s easier to know that something works than to know how it works.

My point?

Maybe I don’t have one.

If you want to know how hypnosis works, I could spout some theories. There are social models and psychological models and neurological models and evolutionary models…

There are even some genetic and quantum physics ideas on how it works.

But I won’t talk about any of that.

Do you honestly care how it works, if you know it does?

Maybe, maybe not.

If you want all the answers, you’re probably waiting impatiently for me to elaborate on some of those theories. But I won’t do you that disservice. You won’t be able to tell which theories make sense and which are pure nonsense, though.

Not until you experience it.

Not until you have deep revelations about yourself – the kind that only come through hypnotic trances.

Hypnosis is best experienced and then analysed. Otherwise we’re talking about everything and nothing.

So experience it.

How, you ask?

Bah – that’s simple. The next step is to keep reading:


Forget self-improvement books

Alright, let’s stretch our imaginations a smidge. Consider this for a moment:

What if you were to challenge yourself to improve…

… but you weren’t allowed to use books to do it.

I know, I know. That’s dumb for a few reasons:

Books are great.

There are plenty of ways to improve without picking up books. Picking up dumbbells, for example – everyone knows that one.

And… uh… didn’t I write a bunch of self-improvement books…?

Sure, sure.

But there’s a reason I say this.

Many folk like to think of self-improvement as something that comes from a book. I hear it in conversations and I see it in web traffic analysis.

“I want to live a better life. What book should I read?”

A noble intent, I’m sure.

But are you thinking a little too small?

And a little too comfortably?

Books are only useful if you apply them – which is easy to forget while thumbing through the pages and enjoying the dopamine hit.

Many books just give you the theory.

The better ones show you what to do with it.

And the best ones make you think of that for yourself.

To really get your neurons firing and rewiring, though?

That takes a full-fledged training course.

So what are you after, really? Do you want to read a book because it’s a great way to pass the time (no judgement if that’s the case)?

Or do you want to become stronger, smarter and more effective, every day?

If it’s the latter, check this out. Yes, it contains a few eBooks. But they don’t stand alone. Rather, they’re nestled in a clear and smooth path, leading from one victory of the mind to the next.

You can see all 19 stops on this road to a better you, right here:


Puppy school secrets for self-improvement and motivation for success

The way some folk approach self-improvement is… well, bizarre.

Let’s say you want to get in shape. You know the best way is to eat better and exercise more.

So what do you do?

Your tell yourself what to do.

“Skip dessert tonight.”

“Wake up early and exercise.”

And then you’re shocked to find it didn’t work…

Or maybe it works for a while, then it all comes apart on you.

Even if you “feel motivated”. Because it takes more than self-improvement and motivation for success.

It’s like walking up to an untrained puppy, saying “roll over” and expecting them to budge.

It ain’t happening because you ain’t speaking the dog’s language.

That’s how you should think about self-improvement – like the part of you responsible for your habits is an untrained animal.

Something separate from yourself.

And something that’s your responsibility to train.

You can’t be “reasonable” with it because it doesn’t know what you mean by that.

You can’t be cruel either – not if you want real results.

What does it take? Maybe patience, maybe compassion…

And above all, it takes a plan.

Try to train a puppy or your own habits by winging it… well, good luck to you. You’ll praise and punish randomly, leading to random behaviour.

If you want a dog that rolls over on command…

Or a mind with better habits than it has now…

Then it takes intelligent work on your part.

Fortunately, the smarter you apply yourself, the easier it becomes. And the smartest ways lie in Three-Score Navike, which overflows with 60 simple ways to sharpen your mind.

Any other approach keeps you where you are, wondering where the puddles on the carpet keep coming from.

If you’ve had enough of that, check this out:


How much does hypnosis cost?

Ah, it’s a simple question, one that comes up a lot. If you want to experience hypnosis, you might want to know what it’ll cost you first.

Fair enough, right? If you want to buy a car, it’s handy to know it’ll probably cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

So, on with the answer. What does hypnosis cost?


Anywhere from ‘nothing’ to ‘the GDP of a small country’.

It can cost just about anything, and here’s why:

Hypnosis can be just about anything.

It can be an untrained, pimply teen lifelessly reading scripts into a webcam.

Or it can be someone with such an amazing presence, simply sitting with them is mesmerising.

Some hypnotists will help you overcome anxiety.

Others will help you rebuild your mind from the ground up.

What is each of those worth to you?

You came here asking how much it costs and I can’t answer you. Instead, I’ll give you two tips on how to find the best value hypnotists around:

First, find a new hypnotist in your area and see if they’re offering deals. Hypnotists thrive on testimonials and referrals, so it’s a common (and sensible) tactic for them to offer a few sessions for cheap to start off.

Will they be any good?

No idea.

But at least they’re underpricing themselves because they care about something other than money (that is, building their brand). Otherwise, cheap hypnosis should make your nose crinkle.

If that’s not your style then relax and smile, because here comes the second tip:

Follow the link below and read the sales page. You’ll get months, if not years of hypnosis for the price of a few sessions.

All in the convenience of your own home.

Here’s the link:


Your sissy hypnosis is in another castle

Hypnosis is powerful.

It’s powerful because it gets results, it’s true. But that’s not the whole story.

One of the key strengths of hypnosis is its versatility. You can use it for just about anything.

Want to solve a problem, like quitting smoking or eating better? Hypnosis can help.

Want to experience more confidence, energy and focus? Turn to hypnosis.

There’s hypnosis for careers, parenting, relationships, creativity, athletics…

(Sports hypnosis is huge and only getting bigger, just in case you thought it was all intellectual fluff with no real world applications…)

And, yeah, hypnosis can help in the bedroom.

It can get you in the mood…

Or you can use it to enjoy some adult roleplay.

One form of this is called sissy hypnosis. I’m sure you can imagine what that involves. If not… well, see, when a mummy and a daddy love each other, sometimes the daddy becomes a powerless child who’s completely at the mercy of mummy and she has fun with him.

I always knew this was a thing. Thanks to Twitter, I now know it’s an incredibly popular thing.

Now, I’m not about to kinkshame anyone. If that’s what you’re into, fill your (mistress’ latex) boots.

But if you stumbled across my website and saw the word hypnosis…

Sorry Mario, your sissy hypnosis is in another castle.

But, hey, not all is lost, little one. Tell mummy to have a look at this. It might give her the edge to really dominate you, you know?

It’s perfect for anyone who wants more power, influence and control in their life – among other things. In other words, it’s perfect for mummy, mistress or madam.

Here’s her link:


A shameless sales pitch for Monster Mind Edukaré

My premium product, Monster Mind Edukaré, has 19 modules to it. So far, at least. I have plans to add extra modules in the future.

That’s why the best time to buy it is now. Anyone who buys Edukaré receives all future updates at no extra cost.

But if you wait?

Well, since the value is going up, it’s only reasonable the price will too.

But enough of that. Instead of scrutinising the future, let’s look at what you can enjoy right now. Each module has a lot of meat to it – even if you only got one thing out of each, you’d still learn:

  1. How to make following this program a habit, so you easily stick with it,
  2. Secrets to bypassing your limiting beliefs – that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough,
  3. Guaranteed ways to become smarter and happier every day,
  4. How to meditate, even if you’re “too left-brained”,
  5. Instant confidence by “Pavlovian” training of your nervous system,
  6. What a deep hypnotic trance feels like,
  7. Why the world is hypnotising you every day – and how you can use that to your advantage,
  8. The easiest way to quit smoking by breaking the chemical and psychological habits,
  9. Simple meditation techniques anyone can do – each used by the top leaders of their fields,
  10. How to sleep deeper than ever by training your unconscious mind,
  11. Ways to stay on track with your learning, even as your brain changes from the inside out,
  12. A basic and reliable way to eliminate any problem,
  13. How to have more time each day – and, no, I don’t mean saving time through productivity hacks, I mean actually have more time,
  14. The way your brain learns best and how to use it to master anything,
  15. Strange and bizarre meditation techniques that work for almost anyone,
  16. Ways to hypnotise yourself and enter a trance in seconds,
  17. What the deepest form of meditation feels like – normally only possible after decades of intense training,
  18. How to ‘step into the skin’ of anyone you’d like to,
  19. How to keep the mind training journey going, long after you finish this program.


That’s a lot of typing. Before I break my keyboard, I’m going to leave it there and simply share the link. If you want to gain these benefits, and a whole lot more besides, then keep reading:


Self-improvement is like lightning

Self-improvement is a process – a release of tremendous levels of power and potential.

It’s dramatic, captivating and beautiful to behold. There are few things as mesmerising.

It explodes out of nowhere. Sure, there are some clues beforehand. Dark skies, a few rumbles. Even so, it catches you by surprise.

Folk say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But it does, all the time – otherwise lightning rods wouldn’t work. In fact, lightning always strikes the same place more than once – each bolt is a series of strikes, one following the next.

Self-improvement is the same. People think it’s a one-off thing. Do the course, change the mindset, buy the gym membership, release your inner demons. But it’s not. There’s always repetition.

It’s as dangerous as it is powerful.

It takes luck and skill to harness.

All the energy can disperse in a moment or permanently mark the face of the earth.

But there’s a key difference between self-improvement and lightning:

Self-improvement is slow.

It takes months to even get started and decades to see it through.

That’s why you want a program that’s a slow burn. One you can take at your own pace but, even if you rush it, will take months.

And it’d be foolish to rush this, as it lays the foundation for everything else coming your way.

Hasty foundations make for wobbly buildings.

For some of you, this is a deal breaker. You want results now.

Good luck, pendo. This isn’t what you’re looking for.

For everyone else who knows growth demands patience and discipline:

I have the perfect link for you.


The manic elderly boxing Congressional candidate

I was reading a medical case study a few weeks ago. It’s a funny story, if you forget that folk suffered and it could have been worse.

This bizarre tale begins with a woman going to see a doctor. She’s concerned about her husband. He’s a man in his 80s with no history of mental illness.

Before the last few weeks, that is.

He suddenly has more energy… but not the good sort where you get stuff done. The manic sort, where you can’t sit still, can’t focus and probably do everything except what you should.

This guy was barely sleeping. His heart raced all the time. He couldn’t have a straight conversation with his wife – he’d make weird detours into wanting to sell their house. Walking the neighbourhood, he’d tell all his neighbours he was running for Congress.

Oh, and he was convinced he was the state boxing champ.

Not former champion – the current one.

(I mentioned he’s in his 80s, right?)

Anyway, it doesn’t take the doctor long to figure this one out. It’s a side effect to his new medication.

What’s the medication for?

His restless leg syndrome.

Now, I’m not about to rag on Western medicine. What doctors can do today is borderline miraculous. Medicine plus science equals a powerful force for good.

Having said that…

This guy’s first doctor’s instinct was to medicate. Sure, restless leg syndrome is serious. If nothing else, the impact is has on sleep is not great.

But you know what else interferes with sleep?


The side effects of this drug included the original problem, plus a whole lot more. It could have wrecked his life and relationships. It could have damaged his heart.

Things could have gone terribly wrong.

Now, I’m not a doctor and I make no medical claims.

But one approach with some of the challenges in your life is to strengthen your body-mind connection.

I’ve used mind training to combat purely physical phenomena, like muscle cramps.

And the only side effects have been amazing.

I won’t say more on that. All I’ll do now is share a link to my non-medically endorsed, drug-free approach to sharpening your mind and achieving better emotional balance.

You can read all about how it works with this link here:


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