How I make enemies out of cruisers

I’ve had folks lose their manure at me.

It’s usually justified.

But there’s one flavour of frustration that often takes me by surprise:

I don’t like to settle. My philosophy is, you’re either growing or shrinking. Falling short of your potential is inevitable, but not even trying is a sin.

The way I see it, you have a moral obligation to strive towards becoming your best self. The people and causes you care about need that from you.

This is so second nature to me that I project this onto others.

And, well, some folks are happy to settle – to cruise through life on its easiest settings.

Whatever works for them is fine be me.

But I can’t settle and I can’t cruise. I’d get twitchy before long.

You see the opposite message out there, though. Especially with the lockdowns, people are saying, hey, it’s okay, do what you need to do to survive this.

Absolutely – take care of yourself.

Then ask yourself what you can do today to make yourself stronger than you were yesterday.

I don’t care if you were smarter, richer, happier, healthier and better connected two years ago. You’re allowed to fall from grace. Then you take a deep breath, retreat, recover, learn the lessons and start improving again.

You don’t have to be perfect – simply better.

Like I say, cruisers hate this. “That’s too much pressure!!!”

I’m not telling you to feel pressure.

I’m telling you to improve.

Some days will be like there’s a furnace inside you. You can push yourself to new ways of operating and ride that high.

Other days, you’ll not be feeling it. That’s fine. You can still pick up a dumbbell, read a book or mindfully sit for five minutes.

When you do that on your bad days, you’ll transform so thoroughly that butterflies will be all, “dayum!”

Your good days and bad days will be different to mine. Maybe you struggle to lift a fork to your face. Even so, you can still improve. As long as you’re breathing, you can always improve something.

I’m hardly the first person to tell you to go to sleep a better person than when you woke up.

I hope I’m not the last. It’s a lesson that needs repeating, for all of us.

Now, maybe you’re not a cruiser.

Rather than thinking this advice is too extreme – a laughable concept, but hey – you think it’s far too mild.

You’re hungry and ambitious.

You want to make next month’s bad days better than this month’s good days.

To you, I have two things:

My admiration.

And this link, which’ll take you to my Platinum Coaching page.

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