Self-Hypnosis vs Meditation – Which is better?

I’ve talk a lot both meditation and self-hypnosis.

What’s the difference?

Which one is better?

Great questions.

Here’s my opinion – although many folk will disagree with me on this.

Both are incredibly powerful ways to train your mind. With meditation, I shed off a lot of anger in my youth. I didn’t like who I was – someone so quickly frustrated, cranky and irritable with the world.

So I turned to meditation and it worked for me.

Then, much later, I learned self-hypnosis. It was like opening the doors to my mind. Suddenly, I could see what used to be invisible to me.

It would take a lot more than this article to explain everything it did for me, so I won’t go into it.

All I’ll say is self-hypnosis is, by far, the most powerful self-improvement technique I’ve ever used.

No exaggeration, no hesitation. For me, it’s king.

What makes such a strong difference?

The great thing about meditation is it requires you to focus on the moment.

The worst thing about meditation is it requires you to focus on the moment.

It’s a useful skill to learn. In fact, it makes your self-hypnosis much better, too.

But here’s the difference.

It’s hard to hold your attention for so long – for most of us, anyway. To get the real benefits of it, you need to focus for a long time over months and years. Then, almost out of your control, you begin to access more of your mind.

Self-hypnosis isn’t as strict as this. The more you focus, the better you’ll do… but you don’t need to be a mental rockstar. If you’re prone to distraction, it can still work. If you’re not prone to that, self-hypnosis is still easier and more powerful.

In fact, with practice, you can use the distractions to your advantage.

That’s why I hold the opinion that self-hypnosis is the better of the two. You can get better results in less time and less effort.

Now, when I say ‘less’, I still mean ‘lots’.

You’ll need to learn more self-hypnosis than I covered above.

It’ll take you months, maybe years, to see real results.

But, hey, you won’t need to spend ten years in a monastery.

If you want to learn enough self-hypnosis (and meditation, and other things) to let you rebuild your mind from the inside out, you’re in luck.

I’m highly experienced with it. The product below – Monster Mind Edukaré – only exists thanks to my years of training and self-work.

I grok self-hypnosis and I know how to teach it.

If you want to learn, check out this page. It’ll show you more self-hypnosis that you ever thought you need to know:

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