But the third state of energy was just right…

You know what it’s like.

It’s like the day before you come down with a really bad cold – you’re not showing any symptoms, but you just feel exhausted.

That’s how I felt one recent morning. I knew I was perfectly healthy, but I just felt drained and tired. It was hard to focus on anything beyond my urge to nap.

Napping wasn’t an option.

So I tried some stuff, tried a few simple exercises and then I felt better.

Cool story, right?

That’s not where it ends. That’s where it begins.

Because then I began to feel really good, like the amount of energy pulsing through my body was more than what is normally there.

I found it difficult to sit still, found it difficult to focus.

I had the strong urge to run, to sing, to have long and rapid-fire conversations with people. Just the urge to just go out there, and just throw myself around.

Then it got to the point where I felt like it was just too much pulsing through me. My head even started to hurt a little. It’s like when you have too much caffeine, and there’s just too much energy for you to process all at once.

So, obviously it wasn’t the ideal outcome. Going from tired to twitchy might be more fun but it’s still not useful.

I tried some other stuff to get my energy back under control, which worked. From there, I could simply breathe, relax and get on with it.

But what a quality problem to have, right? To go from exhausted to being so energized – and not like the fake chemical energy of having too much sugar or caffeine. This was all coming from me. There was no crash and it was not drawing on my reserves. It was just taking the energy that I had and using it better.

It’s a handy thing to know how to do.

It’s also a handy thing to know how to step back from, when you take it too far.

That’s why after a session with the Neural Reset, you might find yourself feeling both strangely calm and deeply energized, all at once.

For some of you, feeling energised without needing coffee would be a dream.

Honestly, it’s the least interesting benefit of a Neural Reset.

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