You Can Dance Even If You Don’t Want To

I was halfway round the world, standing in a hotel corridor with one of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever met.

“Focus on your fingertips and let everything else go.”

I obeyed. Between my fingertips was a piece of string, attached to a small weight. In hung there in free space.

“Inside your mind, make a statement you know is true.”

I took a deep breath. My name is William.

“Hold it still and notice which way the weight swings.”

I held it as still as I could. Even so, it started swinging towards and away from me.

“Very good. Now, in your mind, think a false statement and notice which way it swings.”

I was surrounded by Americans, so that was easy to think of. I am a US citizen. Sure enough, it started to swing left and right.

“Clear your mind and make a statement. Make this something you want to know whether it’s true or not.”

I had the perfect conundrum in mind. I’d been practicing my marketing skills a lot and even offering my services as a freelancer. It wasn’t quite going how I’d hoped. I’d been wrestling with whether I wanted to abandon the enterprise or stick with it.

I should be a freelance copywriter, I thought.

The pendulum immediately arced, settling on a flow to and from me.

“There’s your answer. Whatever that statement was is true.”

No kidding. It sure was.

Too often we lie to ourselves. About who we are, what we should do and what will make us happy.

Yet it’s strange – we have built-in lie detectors we can use.

And it goes so much further than self-interrogation. You can use this technique to relax, sharpen your creativity, solve complicated problems and have the vision to change your life.


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