Should you doubt hypnosis hype?

Plenty of folks wonder if hypnosis can help them.

They might have anxiety, OCD, bad habits, an unpleasant past…

My answer to these, and thousands of other issues like them, is:


And that has to make some of you suspicious. I’m sure it brings to mind some shady character, selling a magic tonic that does whatever you need it to.

It reminds me of a story I heard, with some peddler of alternative medicine showing off his wares. Sure enough, whatever anyone asked for, it did. At one point, someone asked if it’ll help with their insomnia. Yes, said the peddler, you’ll sleep a solid eight hours each night and feel great. Someone else asked if it’ll help them get by on only four hours of sleep. Yes, said the peddler, you’ll sleep a solid four hours each night and feel great.

This is all very amusing.

And if you lump hypnosis in with all that, that’s a mistake.

Because some things really do help with just about everything.

Consider adaptogenics – a class of substances that behave differently depending on what you need.

Consider holy basil, which many claim soothes stress by calming your adrenal grands. But if that’s all it did, giving it to someone with normal stress levels would make them lethargic.

It doesn’t, though – it only calms your adrenal glands when they’re overworked.

And also consider some things are so fundamental, they have no choice but to be great for everything.

Like water. Getting enough water boosts your immune system and your recovery from injuries.

Saturate your cells and your organs work better.

You become smarter, it can alleviate pain (including migraines), your muscles burn with greater power and your senses tune into your environment better.

Heck, it even makes you more attractive and better in the sack.

Anyone selling a wonder drug that could do all that would be laughed out of town – and rightly so. Yet it’s common sense for water to claim all those benefits, and more.

It’s the same with getting enough rest. Whether something’s acute or chronic, physical or mental, a little relaxation can do wonders.

Some of you still aren’t swayed. Water and rest are natural things the body needs every day.

True enough, my friend.

But what makes you think hypnosis isn’t natural? It wasn’t invented in a lab – how would that have even worked?

1950s Scientist 1: “I’ve decided when I snap my fingers and yell ‘SLEEP!’, folks will close their eyes and become more suggestible.”

1950s Scientist 2: “Nice. I’ve decided when I wiggle my arms like this, people denounce communism.”

People discovered hypnosis, because it’s a natural thing that was waiting for us to find it.

And it’s something you encounter every day.

Something that works on a deep, fundamental level – your unconscious mind.

Water is amazing for you, but remember: you’re only 60% water.

Your unconscious thinking, though, is well over 99% of your mind.

So when I say hypnosis can help with just about anything, I mean it.

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