How to use meditation interruptions to deepen your trance

How to use meditation interruptions to deepen your trance

Few of us live as hermits or monks. We have lives, and those tend to be complicated. Kids, pets, roommates, partners, doorbells, smartphones… there are a hundred ways for the world to interrupt you.

Something as simple as a clap of thunder when you have washing on the line draws your attention.

What do you do when this happens during a trance? Whether you’re deep in meditation or experimenting with self-hypnosis, your focus matters. It’s not only rewarding to go deep inside your mind like this – it’s pleasurable, too.

Interrupting mind training is like interrupting a good nap and a study session at the same time.

When you handle it well, these interruptions won’t hurt you. In fact, you can use them to make your mind sharper and stronger than ever.

Let me share a few options.

One approach is to ignore the interruption. You can do this if your roommate walks in, realises you’re busy and sheepishly scuffles off. Not so much if your kid is crying and tugging at your sleeve.

You simply let your attention rise, then gently guide it back to the task.

It’s not always this easy. Sometimes the distraction throws you off. That’s okay, though – intend to calmly and gently return your attention. If it’s hard, then know you’re giving your mind an amazing workout.

Another approach is to fully awaken, attend to the distraction, then return to your meditation or hypnosis. You might not like that. It’s like leaving a bath, drying off, then getting back in.

Except it’s not at all like that.

In hypnosis, there’s a process called fractionation. The idea is that hypnotising someone, bringing them out of trance, then hypnotising them again takes them much deeper into the trance state. Meditation works the same way. When you return to your practice, expect even more amazing results.

A third approach is to attend to the interruption while remaining in trance. You open your eyes, move around and speak without ever leaving the depths of your mind.

Is it possible? You bet, because I’ve done it before. It’s a strange and amazing experience.

Is it easy? Not so much. That’s why I gave you two other options.

Ignore, fractionate or take the trance with you – it’s your choice.

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