Your Thought is Your Bond

Your Thought is Your Bond

The way I (and most hypnotists) describe the unconscious mind is a hidden reservoir of power and genius. Those great ideas, those moments where you know just what to say and all of your learnings come from your unconscious.

It’s like that old myth of you only using 10% of your brain. If you could access the other 90%, you’d transform into an incredible genius.

The brain doesn’t work that way, but the mind sure does. Your unconscious is billions of times the size of your consciousness, and it’s always on. If you could use more of that power, you’d be unstoppable.

One question you might ask is, if the unconscious mind knows all the answers, then why do we struggle? Why do we only have occasional flashes of insight, rather than living in perpetual states of superhuman genius?

One of the roles of the conscious mind is choosing what to focus on. You decide what’s important and your unconscious follows your lead.

For example, being confident is not always the right decision. In business or on a date, it is. In a dictatorship, it could get you killed. Your unconscious doesn’t want you to shine if that will put you in danger.

Unless you’re clear about what you want, your inner mind will make its best guess for you. And it won’t always be right.

But there’s an even bigger obstacle than a lack of clarity.

What if your unconscious already tells you the answers, but you haven’t listened?

What if your instincts tell you what to do, but you ignore them?

Your relationship with yourself is like any other. If you’re out of rapport, you need to repair it. If you keep ignoring your unconscious, it will stop speaking to you.

This is the most important relationship in your life (and the easiest one to neglect).

But don’t worry. Again, like other relationships, there are simple things that begin to repair the trust.

If you want your unconscious to trust you, then trust it first. Think of all the times it has helped you. How many times have you avoided death or injury by acting on some instinct? How many times have you surprised yourself in how you coped with danger?

Everyone likes to be appreciated.

But you can go even beyond gratitude.

How many times do you promise something, only to break it later? I get it, life happens, but does this happen a little more often than it should?

My challenge to you is to follow through on your promises to other people.

It’s the best way to (re)establish trust. And it’ll make you more selective in what you commit to, that’s for sure.

Even more importantly, keep your promises to yourself. If you decide to treat yourself later, then do it. If you think you should call your mother, then call her.

When you keep your own promises, your inner mind will trust you more. You train yourself to take yourself seriously. And you might just find yourself surprising yourself more often.

Remember, your unconscious is always listening. There’s no wriggling out of things later.

A great way to practice being accountable is to make public promises. If you have good friends and family in your life, explain what you’re doing. I’m sure they’ll help.

If you’d prefer a little distance, then there are always strangers.

Get in quick, though, as you never know when these strangers will become friends.

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