Don’t erase ‘em – face ‘em

I see – and occasionally get – the same question over and over:

Someone has gone through a bad experience. Maybe a rough breakup or an emotionally abusive boss.

They’ve lost the bounce in their stride… and they want it back.

So they ask, perfectly reasonably, if hypnosis can erase these bad memories.

The answer is:


It would be simple enough, with enough time and testing, to use hypnosis so you never think of that memory.

But you absolutely should NOT do that.

I don’t care how upsetting the memory is – that’s a terrible idea.

How come?

For a few reasons:

Firstly, hypnotic amnesia is unreliable. There’s no guarantee the memory won’t pop back into your mind a day, a month or a decade later. We hypnotists can use a few tricks to keep it down, but it’s not perfect.

But even assuming slicing a part of your mind from you is as permanent as slicing a part of your body…

I’ll admit I don’t understand how memory works – not fully. That’s an easy confession to make because no one does. We can do some neat tricks with it – including erasing memories. But we have a lot of unanswered questions.

For example, some folks believe we unconsciously remember everything. And I mean everything. From the moment our neurons start firing in the womb, they record every sensation. We can’t consciously remember all of it, because even a fraction of a percent would overwhelm us.

Others think your unconscious mind forgets a lot of things.

Either way, one thing most folks in the field agree on is your unconscious mind remembers a lot.

And it remembers the important stuff.

So, while you might consciously forget whatever’s upsetting you… unconsciously, it’s still there.

Only now, you can’t consciously access it.

Let me put this in a nutshell:

Let’s say you used to be happy and vibrant. Then something bad happened, and now you’ve lost your mojo. While I could erase the memory of the bad thing… that won’t help you. You’ll still be deficient in mojo, only now you won’t remember why.

And what if you run into the person who wronged you? Won’t not remembering leave you vulnerable to it happening again?

Which brings me to the biggest reason why you shouldn’t ask for this:

You’re asking for the wrong thing.

Is the problem that you have a memory of a bad event?


Because it sounds like the problem is your reaction to it.

What if you could remember the event in full, photorealistic detail… but it no longer upset you?

In fact, it becomes a useful memory for you. A reminder of who to not trust… and how truly resilient you are.

That’s what you want hypnosis for – a solution to your problem, not some gimmick that’ll do more harm than good.

And you want to know the funny thing?

It’s much easier to use hypnosis to process bad memories and undo their damage, than it is to erase them.

So go with the option you actually need, not what you think you want.

Speaking of…

One of the tricks for processing unpleasant emotions is to think of them while you’re deeply relaxed. There’s an interesting quirk with emotions and how they associate to each other. If you relax and think of something bad, it robs the bad memory of a bit of its spark.

You can do this one your own, with enough time and discipline.

Or you could supercharge this process with the Neural Reset:

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