Is your inner voice an irrational whinger?

Is your inner voice an irrational whinger?

Here’s a recommendation for you: Albert Ellis, developer of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, put together a list. It’s easy enough to Google. This list shouldn’t cut close to home for anyone, since it’s a list of 13 beliefs you know are completely wrong.

How many do act as though you believe, though?

Honestly, you’re probably doing well if it’s less than 100%.

Here are some juicy (maybe a little bloody) highlights:

1. I must do well and get the approval of everybody who matters to me or I will be a worthless person.

6. Nobody should ever behave badly and if they do I should condemn them.

11. My past is the most important part of my life and it will keep on dictating how I feel and what I do.


That is some crazy, all-too-familiar nonsense right there. You could spend a solid chunk of time pulling apart each irrational belief – and it’s worth your time to do so.

Expunge them from your mind and you’ll know true sanity.

A big ask, I know. So let’s start small. I direct your attention to belief number two:

“Other people must treat me kindly and fairly or else they are bad.”

It’s only human to judge others, especially those who treat us poorly. That’s no excuse, though. You can learn to see everyone – yes, everyone – with kindness. That isn’t weakness (it takes immense strength to do that) and it isn’t about making you vulnerable to people who don’t deserve it. It’s about freeing yourself from a toxic belief about the world.

Other people are fine, whether they treat you well or not.

If you think you need some help to see the world that way, you’re not wrong. Fortunately, you can listen to a hypnotic guided meditation that trains your mind to free itself from its own emotional limitations.

Then when you’re done, you can listen to the other 46 hypnotic guided meditations.

That’s 46 and counting.

Best of all, they’re available at no cost to you. You don’t even have to hand over your email address.

The meditations, and much more, are all right here:

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