Why Monster Mind Edukaré isn’t for self-help addicts

Spend time hanging out with the self-improvement crowd and you come across the addicts.

They find some new guru, product or experience, and know that’ll change everything.

They try it.

Maybe it feels amazing.

Maybe it’s immediately disappointing.

Either way, they move onto the next thing. Or, in some cases, come back to this old thing again.

For a self-help addict, the thrill is in the purchase and the daydream. They like to imagine themselves improving more than doing the hard work involved.

If it sounds like I’m judging them, I am – it’s condemnable behaviour.

It’s not without empathy, though, because I was one of these people once. I happened on some amazing self-improvement opportunities, followed them and became whole enough to shake the addiction.

Now, I’m willing to put in the hard work that self-improvement requires.


This is why I made Monster Mind Edukaré – my premium, platinum and powerful mind training program – the way I did. It appeals to who I am now, not the sort of person I used to be.

If you’re after the cheap thrill of buying a program and letting it rot on the shelf, this isn’t for you.

It’s expensive.

It’s long – very, very long.

And, while a lot of it is fun, a lot of it is hard work.

Oh, and most of all:

I don’t offer refunds. I give away so much free content on my site there’s no excuse for not knowing what to expect.

For some of you, these are deal-breakers. That’s fine. We’re both better off knowing that before things go further.

For the rest of you?

Who understand large improvements require large investments?

You can find scores of mind training resources right here:


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