If Awakened Thought is so good, why is it free?

If Awakened Thought is so good, why is it free?

Recently, I took all the content from my membership site – Awakened Thought – and made it freely available. I used to charge $29 per month to even glimpse at it.

Now, I don’t even ask for your email address.

You could wander over to that page, download everything, then disappear from my life.

There are good reasons why you should stick around, though.

But first, let’s talk about why I did this.

I mentioned before how I think of virtual spaces as like physical ones. I didn’t like having a wall inside mine. It felt like an obstruction of my territory.

At least, that’s how my intuition framed it.

The business logic behind it is simple: having a paywall didn’t align with my mission, and my mission is everything.

What’s my mission?

I want to reconnect you to yourself and all those glistening thoughts you learned to suppress.

I want all of us to resonate with each other. No one is expecting the culture war to suddenly end, but the world needs a little more talking and a lot more listening across our boundaries.

I want us to elevate, because we’re all better than the world we’ve created.

You might say these are lofty goals, which they are. Or you might say they’re vague, which they are – at least, how I’ve described them. You might call me naïve or something much worse, and that’s fine by me.

This is why I’m doing all this and it works for me.

On a more grounded, practical level, the Awakened Thought material is too good not to share. I want to help you and boost my reputation at the same time. What better way than to hand it out at no cost?

And if you like it, you can donate. The more donations I receive, the more (and better) content I can create.

Anyway, I mentioned above why you don’t want to grab everything and run.

Every month, new material comes online. Most of it is in the form of a hypnotic guided journey – seven meditations leading from where you are to mastery. Others are one off audios about something handy to have.

So you should check back to this page often:


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