A non-parent’s take on serenity parenting

A non-parent’s take on serenity parenting

Bring an amazing parent to mind. Go on – I can wait.

Do you see a specific person in mind? Or is it abstract, like an archetype of what such a person might be like?

Different people process ideas differently. Some are abstract, some are concrete.

Either way, I don’t know much about this person you have in mind. All I know is you think they are (or would be) an amazing parent.

Even so, I bet I can say this about them:

They’re patient.

A ‘bad’ parent is someone who ignores the child.

A ‘bad’ parent is also someone who loses their temper with the child.

The opposite of both of those is someone who is patient.

They focus on their child in a benign, open and friendly way.

They see all sorts of behaviour – good and bad – as expressions of what’s going on inside. Some of that behaviour needs correcting, some of it needs supporting. All of it needs considered, careful and deliberate action on their part.

I get the sense, as a non-parent, that’s not always easy.

You’re probably sleep-deprived, frustrated and, honestly, bored.

You want to be an amazing parent, obviously.

But, also obviously, you’re human.

So how do you cultivate greater patience as a parent?

The same way you cultivate patience in everything else, I assume.

It comes from developing a clear, calm, open and peaceful state of mind.

And you can do that by following this link. Begin right now, because what could be more important than this?

Here’s the link:


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